Everyone In Minnesota Must Visit These 5 Bigger Cities For Their Unlimited Options

We Minnesotans hear A LOT about the Twin Cities, and the most populated parts of the state. It might bug us that more attention isn’t paid to the lesser known places that we love so much. So here’s what we can do about it. It’s a 2 step plan guaranteed to end our city angst, just make sure you get through step 2!

Step 1: Take a breath and remember that our big cities are bursting with awesome culture, and that they definitely aren’t overrated! In fact, these top 5 are beloved by most Minnesotans for many of their attractions. Don’t you love them at least a little?

Step 2: Now that we acknowledge that our big cities are pretty cool, Minnesotans, go back to the Only In Minnesota Facebook page and share your favorite little cities and the reasons why they’re so amazing. Also share your photos!!! Let everyone appreciate the wonderful places near and dear to you. Then, wait for the smaller city love to roll in! Trust me, it’s coming!

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