If you love hiking but don’t love all-day treks, then this short and sweet loop trail in Minnesota will be your new favorite way to stretch your legs. The Banning Quarry Loop Trail is perfect for hikers who want to get outdoors without breaking too much of a sweat. Here’s what you need to know about one of the best hikes in Minnesota.

Now that you’ve checked out what we believe to be one of the best hikes in Minnesota, let us know what your favorites are!  For more of our favorite easy hikes in Minnesota, check out our list of the best quick trails in the state.

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Best Hikes In Minnesota

What are the best family-friendly hikes in Minnesota?

Hiking in Minnesota with the whole family can be such a blast, but it can also be exhausting! With extra things to haul, little legs that tire easily, and everyone at different levels of ability, finding the best hikes for the whole gang can be difficult. Luckily we have looked into the best family friendly hikes in Minnesota and there are a good chunk of trails that are just perfect for adventurers of every age. A great choice is Big Bog Boardwalk, at just about a mile this boardwalk hike welcomes absolutely everyone and the flora and fauna you can observe are so impressive. Another awesome option is the Cascade River lower loop, this hike is more like a jaunt at .5 miles, and there are waterfalls to spot!

Can I hike to abandoned places in Minnesota?

If you like to get some chills down your spine while hiking, Minnesota is the perfect spot for it. We have tons of abandoned places in Minnesota that you can hike out to. You can hike across a sandbar to find an abandoned lighthouse in Duluth. The ruins are over 160 years old! Or if you want to get some nice uphill climbing in, a great choice is checking out the abandoned DWP tunnel on Ely's peak. An old railway tunnel now covered in some interesting graffiti. If hiking is not your style, then you may want to check out our abandoned places in Minnesota road trip!

Which state parks should I visit in Minnesota?

There are a grand total of 66 state parks in Minnesota, and they all have their pros, so it can be difficult making a decision when you are on the hunt for the perfect spot for some outdoor recreation. But we think the best choices are these underrated state parks in Michigan. Spots like Savannah Portage state park with it's impressive overlook, and Lake Shetek state park with an island you can walk to, are not only beautiful, but their underappreciated nature means it's likely your time there will be incredibly peaceful and quiet.

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