This Aerial Footage Proves That Minnesota Is Incredible From Every Angle

There’s no place in the world like Minnesota, and we all know how lucky we are to live in this amazingly beautiful state. Life here can be a little rough in the sub-zero days of winter (or in the humid heat domes of summer), but bundling up to brave the blizzards or hopping into the car and heading for the nearest lake (or just running through the door and off the dock if you are lucky enough to live right on the water) is a small price to pay. Between our famously wonderful lakes, colorful forests to explore, stunning sunsets, and the friendliest people you will ever meet, Minnesota may just be heaven on earth.

DroneStar captured some beautiful drone footage in northern Minnesota, and this video proves that our state is incredible from every angle!

This video was shared by DroneStar on YouTube – check out the channel to see more stunning aerial footage!

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