This Little Diner In Minnesota Only Has 14 Seats But It’s So Worth The Wait

All across the United States, there are charming diners on just about every corner of a small town or big city. They’re known for friendly service and hearty meals that will fill you up for the whole day. But they’re often overlooked in favor of faster options. On a busy day, that’s understandable. But when you have a little more time, stepping into one of these classic eateries is a must. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, there’s a little diner that only has 15 seats. But it’s so worth the wait. Take a look:

This tiny diner may only have 14 seats, but the service is fast. You won’t have to wait long! For more information about Ideal Diner, its menu, and its history, check out their website and Facebook page. Also be sure to read our article about one of Minnesota’s other landmark tiny restaurants, Al’s Breakfast.