11 Unwritten Rules Every Michigander Lives By ‘Til Death

Each and every Michigander is different. We all maintain our own beliefs, ideas, and habits that may be considered weird things people from Michigan do — but there are a few traits that seem relatively universal among residents of the Great Lakes State. Here are 11 undeniable unwritten rules that Michiganders abide by.

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Are there any other unwritten Michigan rules that should have been included on our list? If you’re from Michigan, you can probably relate to this. You might also have a lot of state pride – and if not, let’s remedy that with a list of why Michigan is the best.

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Weird Things People From Michigan Do

March 14, 2021

What stereotypes are there about Michigan?

Other than some Michigan mannerisms, there are some other stereotypes about the state – some true, some a bit far-fetched. Out-of-staters may think everyone from Michigan is automatically from Detroit, but that’s far from true. It may be the biggest city, but there are plenty of other cities, towns, and rural areas throughout the state. Michigan is known for its fierce sports rivalry with Ohio State – that one we can admit is pretty true. Some people think the state is cold year-round and practically in the North Pole, and while it can get quite cold and snowy, there are beautiful warm summers in Michigan as well.

What are the weirdest things about living in Michigan?

If you plan on living in Michigan, here are some things you might need to expect. First, be sure you get the Michigan hand thing down: know where to point on your hand to indicate where in the state you live, even if you find that a little weird. Next, if you come from a place where they call fizzy drinks soda, drop that immediately and adopt the word pop. This is a pop state, through and through. Many native Michiganders will deny it, but you might hear a bit of an accent in their speech. Don’t be surprised if you hear the phrases “Yooper” or “Trolls” when a Michigander referring to someone. Weird as they may sound, they just mean people from the Upper Peninsula or Lower Peninsula, respectively.

What are the best parts about living in Michigan?

Living here gives the residents a lot of reason to have Michigan pride. If you enjoy sports, you’ll love going to any sort of game in Michigan. The state has many iconic places to visit – the Motor City, Mackinac Island, and more, that attract thousands of tourists every year for various reasons, from music history to fudge. There are beautiful beaches with fresh water for all the fun and none of the stingy salt. Speaking of nature, you’ll find gorgeous scenery throughout the state, in the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula. The people in Michigan are pretty nice, to top it all off!

Address: Michigan, USA