7 Disturbing Unsolved Mysteries In Michigan That Will Leave You Baffled

There are some things, mysterious things, we will never understand in Michigan. That’s because they’re beyond belief, often dastardly, and confounding.

These are the types of stories that defy logic and that will have us scratching our heads for ages. Check it out.

1. The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

Still one of the biggest mysteries in Michigan history is that of union boss and organized criminal Jimmy Hoffa. This has been the subject of speculation for the past 40 years. We think that has a lot to do with the fascinating and at times notorious life he led: from his role as the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the 1950s-70s, his alleged ties with the mob, and his stint in prison for jury tampering. He was imprisoned from 1967 until 1971, when President Richard Nixon pardoned him with the understanding that Hoffa would resign from his Teamster presidency. Hoffa vanished in 1975, last seen outside of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in suburban Detroit.

2. 1966 UFO Wave

This mystery involves truck driver Frank Mannor, who claimed to have seen a pyramid-like object land in a swamp in Dexter Township. Police were called and a search party was organized. They investigated and saw flashing bright lights. The sightings caught the attention of Congressman Weston Vivian. Dr. J. Allen Hynek was sent to the scene by the US Air Force to further examine the phenomena planation. He later said the sightings were likely swamp gas.

3. Chelsea Bruck homicide

In October 2014, a 22-year-old Chelsea Bruck went to a Halloween party in Frenchtown Township. Bruck was dressed like Poison Ivy. Later that evening Bruck was seen walking around in the dark with an unknown man outside with a dark-haired man. That’s the last time anyone saw her alive. The investigation was hampered because everyone at the party was wearing costumes, making it hard to identify who she could have been walking with. Several months later, the young woman’s costume was discovered found at an abandoned construction site. Still to this day though, police have not been able to figure out who her killer was.

4. A murder that inspired the horror flick “Jeepers Creepers.”

A brother and sister traveling on an old stretch of rural highway in Michigan back in 1990 got cut off by a maniac on the road. As they later passed the creepy motorist, they saw him commit a heinous murder. It was that horrific crime that eventually inspired one of the scariest movies in recent history, Jeepers Creepers.

5. Mystery Spot

Perhaps one of the strangest places in all of Michigan is the Mystery Spot in St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula. It was discovered in the 1950s by three surveyors who found their equipment wasn’t working properly. What’s more, as they did their work in the area, they found that they felt dizzy and disoriented…turns it out what they had stumbled on was a place that would continue to baffle countless visitors for generations.

6. Paulding Light

Also known as “The Dog Meadow Lights,” this strange and ominous light has remained a UP mystery for more than four decades. It’s hard to tell what the cause is… You may just have to witness it for yourself.

So you see, the mysterious abounds in Michigan. Tell us, what’s your favorite mystery of all time in the Mitten?

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