Michigan is home to plenty of famous towns, cities, and tourist attractions. From waterfront resort areas like Traverse City and Glen Arbor to larger cities like Detroit and Lansing – there are all sorts of must-visit spots here in the Great Lakes State. But Michigan also houses plenty of underrated destinations that are worth visiting, which you’ll want to see for yourself. These are our picks for some of the most underrated towns in Michigan.

Tell us, fellow Michiganders: which town in the Great Lakes State has always seemed underrated to you? Where should we visit next? Share your thoughts and comments with us, and happy exploring! On the lookout for more underrated things to do and see in Michigan? This list might be interesting to check out.

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Underrated Towns in Michigan

What are some of the smallest towns in Michigan? 

Michigan has got a bunch of small towns, but when it comes to some of them, they’re the smallest of the small. If you’re thinking about moving to somewhere where everyone will know your name, maybe one of these little places in the Great Lakes State might suit you. For example, the towns of Millersburg and Conway are home to just 201 and 204 people, respectively. Up next in the top five smallest are McBride and St. James, each with 205 residents, and Maple City, with 207. “Small” might be objective, but there’s definitely no getting around the fact that anywhere with fewer than 250 people is tiny! This article lists several more super-tiny Michigan towns. 

What are some totally underrated places in Michigan?

When people think about visiting Michigan, usually they think of Detroit and our auto industry, as well as the tourism that comes with them. However, if you prefer to avoid the crowds, it’s not difficult; there are some places that definitely tend to fly under the radar, for reasons we don’t quite grasp. Detroit is excellent for more than just the auto industry; in many places, it’s an urban explorers’ paradise. There’s also a four-story bookstore in our capital city that is an absolute must for any bibliophile. Turnip Rock is a tiny, strange little vegetable-shaped island, and it definitely doesn’t seem to get as much interest as it ought to. Ann Arbor has lots of doors to other dimensions (no, seriously). If you know where to look, you’re sure to find magic in Michigan.  

Where can I find some true hidden gems in Michigan?

In a word: everywhere. Each town seems to have its own little thing, and with each little thing comes bits of history. Some of those little things are quite unusual and, as such, aren’t as well-loved as the most typical tourist destinations. Instead of visiting car factories, pay a visit to some of our interesting architecture, like the Gnome Houses in Charlevoix. Skull Cave is an adventure only for the daring on Mackinac Island, and the Legs Inn in Cross Village is a super-unusual spot to spend the night.