13 Things Everyone Who’s Moved Away From Michigan Has Thought At Least Once

Whether you moved away from Michigan years ago or simply took a brief sabbatical from your life in the Great Lakes State, one thing is for sure: Michigan’s influence will always be with you. From the loveliness of our shorelines to the odd and wonderful people that live here, there are so many unique things about Michigan that have shaped each and every one of us. Here are thirteen thoughts that you’re sure to have upon leaving our beloved state:

Have you lived away from Michigan? What was the most difficult part of your adjustment to a new place? Are there any unique things about Michigan that you haven’t forgotten? Sound off in the comments!

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Address: Michigan, USA
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Unique Things About Michigan To Ponder

September 27, 2020

Is Michigan a great place to live?

In case you missed the enthusiasm in this article, heck yes! Michigan is an excellent place to call home, and it’s a downright magical place to grow up. From the endless nature beckoning to adventurous souls to the kind people that call this place home, there’s lots to love about Michigan.

What are people from Michigan known for?

You mean aside from beating Ohio State? (Depending on which statistics you’re referencing, obviously…) There are all sorts of traditions that define people from Michigan. Cornhole makes an appearance at literally every family gathering, and every year we can’t help craving an annual trip to the UP.

What are the most beautiful places in Michigan?

If you ask a local about the most beautiful places in Michigan, you’ll get a different answer everywhere you go. That’s because this state is full of beautiful wonders, and they vary greatly. Spend some time exploring local waterfalls, historic sites, parks, restaurants, and other places of interest and you’ll surely start forming an opinion of your own.

Address: Michigan, USA