These 10 Terrifying Places In Michigan Will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight

There’s something unsettling about some places in Michigan. Actually, downright terrifying is the right word to describe some of these locations. They may not look all that scary about these houses, hotels, and abandoned institutions on the surface, but once you know their dark secrets, you’ll have a hard time sleeping at night.

10) Reynolds Cemetery, Jackson

Every year on the night of Nov. 21, people gather at the Reynolds Cemetery in Jackson to try to catch a glimpse of the spirits of Jacob Crouch and his daughter Eunice, who were brutally murdered in their sleep in 1883. Also killed were Eunice’s husband Henry and a friend, Moses Polley. The mass murder went down in history as Jackson’s most infamous unsolved mystery. To this day, the site attracts ghost hunters, who are trying to capture the essence of this haunted place.

Maybe you’ve heard of these places. Maybe not. Tell us, what are the most terrifying spots in Michigan that give you nightmares?