There’s something unsettling about certain places in The Great Lakes State. Actually, downright terrifying is the right word to describe some of these haunted places in Michigan. They may not look all that scary about these houses, hotels, and abandoned institutions on the surface, but once you know their dark secrets, you’ll have a hard time sleeping at night. Brace yourself, because these spooky places show a dark side to our pretty state.

Maybe you’ve heard of these haunted places in Michigan… Maybe not. Tell us, what are the most terrifying spots in Michigan that give you nightmares? Sound off in the comments!

Love spooky Michigan history? Explore thrills and chills at the The Haunted Old Mill Museum.

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Haunted Places In Michigan

What are the most haunted places in Michigan?

There are enough haunted places in Michigan to compile an entire road trip! Make sure your adventure includes stops at Jackson State Prison and Mission Point Resort.

Can I visit any abandoned places in Michigan?

While not all abandoned places in Michigan are open to visitors, there are certainly many hiding in plain sight that you can easily spot from the road. Keep your eyes peeled for the old Bay Shore Road Bridge and Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital.

Are there any urban legends in Michigan?

There are all sorts of urban legends in Michigan! Perhaps the most unusual is the tale of the Belle Isle ghost, the daughter of Chief Sleeping Bear with the unimaginable ability to transform into a white doe.

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