14 Breathtaking Images Of Michigan Storms

This time of year, it’s really hard to predict just how the weather is going to behave. Most of us are starting to feel like the wrath of winter snow and ice is behind us until the for another year, but now we’re to contend with thunderstorm watches, brutal humidity, and high heat advisories- still amid the threat that we’ll also have wind chill warnings thrown in there from time to time. Say what you want about the weather here in Michigan, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Mother Nature definitely gives us a quite a show during inclement conditions. Just see here.

We know that just about all of you have had those moments when you just can’t believe what’s happening in the sky and have reached for your phone cameras to get a shot of it. Please share with us some of your most memorable Michigan weather photos in the comments below.