11 Legitimate Signs That You Grew Up In Michigan

If you were lucky enough to be raised here in the breathtaking Great Lakes State, you undoubtedly maintain a host of wonderful memories from Michigan. Whether you spent your childhood exploring the metropolis of Detroit, sunbathing along the shores of Lake Michigan, or getting lost among the natural splendor of the Upper Peninsula, there are a few dead giveaways that symbolize a Mitten State upbringing. Here are 11 surefire signs you grew up in Michigan: do they ring true for you and your loved ones?

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Looking for another way to celebrate your Michigan state pride? Be sure to about the most iconic restaurants in Michigan.

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Signs You Grew Up In Michigan

September 15, 2021

Are there any other quirky things Michiganders do?

Many folks from Michigan find themselves in confusing situations when they interact with out-of-state friends and realize that their mannerisms or word choices aren’t universal. For example, non-Michiganders might be confused when those from Michigan point out specific towns using the palm of their hand. For a full list of odd things Michiganders do, click here

Which destinations define childhood in Michigan?

Kids who grew up in Michigan likely share some of the same unique and interesting memories. From thrilling theme parks like Michigan’s Adventure to Mackinac Island and Great Wolf Lodge, many of the most famous and exciting destinations in Michigan have long played a role in crafting lifelong memories for young residents. If you’re a Michigander who’s in the mood to reminisce, read about these 11 places that define childhood in Michigan

What are some underrated towns in Michigan?

Whether you’re on the lookout for natural wonder, ample shopping opportunities, or historical attractions galore, there’s an amazing town in Michigan that fits the bill. The Great Lakes State is simply overflowing with unique spots to visit, but some of these destinations fly under the radar. Read more about our favorite underrated towns in Michigan, including spots like St. Joseph and Iron Mountain, by checking out our previous article here