Take A Virtual Tour Of This New Michigan Apartment Building Made Of Shipping Containers

Hype surrounding this incredibly unique living space has been buzzing for months. Finally, after a long-going construction process, these units, made entirely out of shipping containers, were open for a preview to the public on Friday. Naturally, curious bystanders stopped by the Corktown neighborhood in Detroit, where this structure stands, to catch the first glimpse of the place. We assure you, this really is something else.

Look at how those containers are just stacked to create the building.

The exterior design looks totally modern, doesn’t it?

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Reminds you that there are some many ways to reuse our precious resources.

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Look, electrical lights and plumbing set up and ready to use.

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Next time you’re in the Detroit area, we really encourage you to check this place out. It really goes to show how hard folks are working to help the city turn a new leaf.