Insane Places You Can Buy In Michigan For Less Than A 1 Bedroom In NYC

We in Michigan know our cost of living is pretty decent. Here, if you have an OK job, you can probably aspire to buy a home and actually afford to enjoy it. We wanted to give you a little bit of perspective though and let you know just how good you have it. The median home price in the state is right about $118,000, according to real estate website Zillow. Average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in Manhattan? How about close to $900,000. Are you freaking kidding? We thought it i would be fun to look around Zillow to see what you could get for less than $900K, and we gotta say the results were impressive. Check it out for yourself.

So tell us, does that make feel even more proud to call Michigan home? Sure, NY lures folks from all over, who are looking to chase their dreams. But really, why go through all that if you have to deal with astronomical housing, when you can have it all here in the Mitten.