12 Underrated Places In Michigan To Take An Out-Of-Towner

The moment has arrived. Your in-laws are coming to Michigan from out of state. You usually resort to taking them to a museum, maybe the local Applebee’s for dinner, and maybe a city park for grilling. At the end of their trip they usually wind up feeling…underwhelmed. It’s as if they’ve learned nothing about the great Mitten State.

We say, make this visit different. Break out of the mold and show them some of the places that really define Michigan. We’ve got some ideas that you might not otherwise consider for an out-of-towner to give them the authentic Great Lakes State experience. Check it out.

And there you have it. A nice primer for your visitors. We promise they’ll return home experts on all things Michigan. Tell us though, what are some of those underrated destinations that you just have to make sure your out-of-towners get to? We wanna know!