You’ll Find Mouthwatering Old-World Eats When You Visit Natalie’s Bakery In Michigan

Whether you’re feeling sad, celebratory, or something in between, there’s nothing better than heading to a bakery and loading up on freshly prepared eats. Michigan’s bakeries are plentiful, but they don’t all share the same dedication to tradition and quality. One bakeshop here in the Great Lakes State will impress you with its flavors and old-world charm, and you’ll certainly be back for seconds.

For more information about Natalie’s and its impressive array of delicious options, click here. Have you snagged some bread or sweet treats from this spot during previous outings? Share your favorites with us in the comment section below or recommend another great bakery by filling out our nomination form here.

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Address: 31023 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071, USA