Pere Cheney Is Allegedly One Of Michigan’s Most Haunted Small Towns

Calling Pere Cheney a small town would be a bit of a stretch. In fact, Pere Cheney isn’t even a town anymore. This ghost town is abandoned, except for the alleged ghost sightings at the cemetery. Whether you believe in spirits and specters yourself, there are certainly a lot of tales about this spot. Witches, curses, and ghosts aplenty are all attached to the lore of this abandoned town lost to time. It may be one of the most haunted spots in all of Michigan. Do you dare to visit?

Vandalism of any kind is not encouraged or supported. The cemetery here is open from dawn to dusk, but there are posted rules to follow while you visit.

How much do you think these tales are true? Even if the cemetery is haunted, Michiganders love history no matter what. Adventure awaits you!

Address: Pere Cheney, MI 48653, USA