Spend The Night In Hell, Michigan With A Spooky Stay At The Mayor’s Lair

Looking for a spine-tingling getaway that will provide you with adventure and intrigue? While it’s easy to enjoy a vacation along one of Michigan’s shorelines or a weekend at a cozy campground, there’s nothing better than trying something entirely new – and one short-time lodging option here in the Great Lakes State will give you a wonderfully dark experience. If you’re lucky, you’ll snag a spooktacular adventure. 

Booking for the Mayor’s Lair will be available through its Airbnb page. Have you checked out this spooky Michigan community during previous years? Share your experiences with us by leaving a Facebook comment or recommend another great Halloween adventure by filling out our nomination form here

Not able to snag one of the three stays in Hell? You can still drop by anytime to check out the area’s many attractions. Read more about the wonders of Hell, Michigan by clicking here.

Address: Hell, MI 48169, USA