Spend The Night In An Airbnb That’s Inside An Actual Lighthouse Right Here In Michigan

If you’re a tried and true Michigander, you’ve likely got an appreciation for lighthouses. These unique and useful structures have long played a role in our state’s maritime heritage, guiding vessels atop the Great Lakes for generations. If you’re especially fascinated by lighthouses, though, there’s one lodging option that will help you take your admiration to another level. When you’re in the mood for a grand adventure, be sure to book a stay at this lighthouse Airbnb in Michigan.

For all the details about this lovely lighthouse Airbnb in Michigan, including up-to-date rates, check it out directly on Airbnb. Have you been lucky enough to visit Eagle Harbor or spend a few nights in the lighthouse during past excursions? Share your experiences with us by leaving a Facebook comment or recommend another fascinating lodging option in Michigan by completing our nomination form.

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Address: Eagle River Lighthouse, Mohawk, MI 49950, USA