This Disturbing Event In Michigan Is So Creepy It Inspired A Movie

Imagine cruising down a country road with your sibling, playing a driving game, when some nut cuts you off out of nowhere. Naturally, your curiousity will take over and you’ll want to know what that driver’s problem is. Well, now imagine as you pass them by down the road, and you see this person doing something sinister. Would you keep driving? Would you turn around to find out what’s going on? Turns out, the people traveling on an old stretch of rural highway in Michigan back in 1990 experienced just this and unwittingly became witnesses to a heinous murder. It was that horrific crime that eventually inspired one of the scariest movies in recent history, Jeepers Creepers. We’ve unearthed a video that uncovers the mystery that inspired the film. Once you see it, you’ll question just about all of your daily commutes.

Yeah, the movie was based on a fictional, winged monster. But it seems evident that it was really that drive, as depicted on the classic Unsolved Mysteries video, that really resonates with fans of the film. Tell us, do you remember the events that inspired this creepy film?