Take A Journey Through This One-Of-A-Kind Bridge Park In Michigan

The Great Lakes State is home to plenty of unique and beautiful parks, whether they feature waterfalls, sweeping fields of wildflowers, or playgrounds for the kiddos. But there’s one park here in Michigan that is truly one-of-a-kind. The Historic Bridge Park of Calhoun County is dedicated to preserving and protecting some of Michigan’s most charming old bridges. No matter when you visit this bridge park in Michigan, you’re sure to be completely charmed.

Admission to this bridge park in Michigan is free, and it remains open in all seasons. For more information about the Historic Bridge Park of Calhoun County, click here and visit its official website. Now, get out there and explore: these winsome little bridges are waiting!

Address: S Wattles Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA
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Bridge Park in Michigan

May 18, 2021

What are some historic Michigan bridges?

In terms of covered bridges, the Fallasburg Covered Bridge is the oldest covered bridge in Michigan; it was originally constructed in 1840. This Kent County bridge is Michigan’s oldest covered bridge that’s still open to vehicle traffic. Of course, the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan is a true feat of modern engineering. It stands as the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere and the fifth-longest of its kind in the entire world. In total, the bridge stretches 26,732 feet. Initial whisperings of a bridge to the Upper Peninsula started as early as the 1880s, but the project wasn’t actually approved until the 1950s. Today, it’s one of Michigan’s most noteworthy icons.

Are there many covered bridges in Michigan?

There are! We designed this amazing little road trip that visits eight totally charming covered bridges in the Great Lakes State. If you’re looking for superlative superstars, Langley Bridge is the longest covered bridge in Michigan, and it was constructed way back in 1887. White’s Covered Bridge is among three Brown truss covered bridges still in existence in Michigan (the others include the Ada and Fallasburg). This style of construction refers to the diagonal compression beams that hold it up. It’s a quite stunning work of art!

What are some must-visit historic places in Michigan?

Michigan is full of history, making for some pretty epic day trips! If you’re a history buff, this historical sites road trip is like a real-life history book, but better, because you get to see it all! One of the coolest historic spots in the Mitten is Colonial Michilimackinac, which boasts a long and storied past as a trading post and fort for French and British troops. Situated along the gorgeous Straits of Mackinac, the fort was built in 1715 to serve as a trading depot for French-Canadian settlers in the area. To learn more, you’ll just have to visit this gem for yourself!

Address: S Wattles Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49014, USA