These 10 Counties Have The Healthiest People In All Of Michigan

Michigan doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for health. Obesity rates here sit at about 60 percent, not a good sign. But depending on where you live, there’s hope that you’ll be well positioned to living a more healthy lifestyle. Using data gathered by¬†University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute for its study,¬†County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, we were able to identify the healthiest counties in the state. The report looked at a number of factors, including access to exercise opportunities, healthy food, doctors, and income levels. Pretty extensive, we think. Take a look here to see which are the healthiest places in the state.

So there you have it. Pretty interesting how your environment can impact your healthy well being, right? What factors do you look for when considering your health? How crucial where you live on your health? Tell us in the comments below!