We don’t want to believe in ghosts. Nor do we want to suggest that any place is haunted, per se. But when we come across a place in Michigan that has a creepy, mysterious past, well, it gets us thinking…what if?

That’s just what this spooky road trip in the Upper Peninsula does to us. When we watch this footage, shot by YouTube user Annihilated By Society, we can’t help but think, what happened here? Did everyone just up and leave without a moment’s notice? What disastrous thing could have occurred to result in this virtually haunted road?

It apparently had plenty of other people thinking the same thing too, as more than 88,000 folks viewed this, creating a viral sensation.

We dare you to take a look at this roadside footage and decide for yourself what went wrong in this unnamed Michigan place.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Better yet, do you know where this creepy road sits? Tell us all about this mysterious place.

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