The Massive Fabric Warehouse In Michigan, Discount Fabric Outlet, Is A Crafter’s Dream Come True

Michigan is a great place to be a maker, with many a craft store and discount fabric outlet to be found. There’s just something magical about the process of creating a garment, whether you’re a top-notch seamstress or a newcomer to the craft. When you’re ready to stock up on a few fabrics for your next project, make your way to this seemingly endless shop in the Great Lakes State. While some might consider it to be the best and largest fabric store in Michigan, you may need to have your own experience in order to decide.

For more information about this fabric outlet in Michigan, be sure to visit the store’s official website. Have you embarked on any sewing adventures in years past? Do you find this epic place to be the best fabric store in Michigan? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comment section!

Address: 303 W 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017, USA
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Best Fabric Store In Michigan

December 20, 2019

Are there any other crafting stores in Michigan?

While Discount Fabric Outlet is considered by some to be the best fabric outlet in Michigan, there are other shops to choose from as well to fulfill your crafting needs. Not every crafting store in Michigan is the same, which is why even if you visit the more frequented shops, you may not find what you’re looking for. Many crafters rely on shopping at Michaels or JOANN Fabrics, which are familiar chain craft stores offering up a wide selection of items. But if you prefer to shop at a smaller, local craft shop then we have a few suggestions to offer. Dealers Discount Crafts and Florals in Center Line, Michigan is a popular option. Also, Stitching Memories in Kalamazoo, The Craft Outlet in Gand Rapids, and Beads to Live By in Jackson are a few to consider.

What other massive stores are in Michigan?

If you’re like us, shopping at the largest fabric store in Michigan is considered an adventure. As is shopping other gargantuan stores throughout the state. Outside of just giant craft stores, Michigan also has other giant stores offering up different goods and services. For example, this massive toy store in Michigan (now closed) was once a true gem for the state. Also, the biggest and best candy shop in Michigan, Doc Sweets’ Candy Company is also a giant gem to peruse.

Are there any quilting shops in Michigan?

Michigan isn’t just a place where crafters and fabric connoisseurs can unite, it is also home to quite a few quilt shops, too! Quilters can find a bevy of items to choose from depending on their quilt shop of choice. A few of the more well-known quilt shops in Michigan to choose from include The Front Porch Quilt Shop in Frankenmuth and Miles of Stitches LLC in Merrill, Michigan.

Address: 303 W 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017, USA