This Park In Michigan Has A Dark And Evil History That Will Never Be Forgotten

When we think about the evil that exists in the world, there’s always one event that stands out as more horrific than the rest. In the case of Michigan, we have the Bath School Massacre, in which 38 children and six adults were killed, and another 58 people were injured.

We don’t bring this up to get you down, but rather to remind us all that we still have to fight to see the good in society, not matter what stands in our past. Here’s more on the event that changed Michigan forever.

The Couzens building was demolished in 1975 and the site was rebuilt as James Couzens Memorial Park. The space was dedicated to the victims of the massacre and is centered around the original campus’s cupola, which had survived the explosion.

Today, the park serves as a reminder that evil will never win over the spirit and perseverance of the good that’s in all of us.

Tell us, what have you heard about this horrific event? Are Michiganders better for having come together after such a tragedy?