Uh Oh… Here Are The 10 Drunkest Counties In Michigan

Michiganders love to drink. And perhaps for good reason. When it’s freezing cold outside (like it is at least half the year), a big, frothy mug of brew can have you feeling warm inside. And we’ve got the bar and beer culture to back it up.

We looked to The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington to determine the 10 counties in Michigan to find out which counties had adults who report that they binge drink. To break up the ties, we looked at Find The Home to see which of these counties have the highest bars per capita (bars per 10,000 residents).

Surely, you noticed the trend, right? All of the heaviest drinkers were in counties in the Upper Peninsula. Some of these places had between 90-99 percent more bars per capita than anywhere else in the country. That’s gotta make you think that our dinking culture in Michigan is quite remarkable, to say the least. Tell us though, is this a bad thing or something to embrace? Share you thoughts in the comments below.