10 Then And Now Photos In Detroit That Show Just How Much It Has Changed

Life in Detroit has always been multifaceted and utterly unique. After all, the Motor City is overflowing with one-of-a-kind businesses, historical significance, and loads of fascinating places – and this has been the case for generations. If you’re fascinated by Detroit’s earlier days, we’ve got the perfect collection of photos for you to check out today. While we certainly don’t recommend living in the past, there’s something to be said for looking back now and then to see how much things have changed (or how much they haven’t). You can do just that while perusing these incredible then and now photos of Detroit.

So, there you have it: an incredible glimpse into the Motor City’s past (and present). Do you have any other then-and-now photos of Detroit to share? We’re always eager to hear from our readers, so drop us a line in the Facebook comments or tell us about another bit of local history by completing our official nomination form.

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