Here’s What Life In Detroit Looked Like In The 1920s

Are you obsessed with checking out vintage photos from Detroit? We’re right there with you – after all, there’s something decidedly fascinating about checking out familiar spaces during eras long past. Now that we’re cruising through the 2020s, there’s an extra dash of magic to be found in photos from a full century ago. If you’re eager to see what Motor City life was like in the 1920s, you’ll adore today’s collection of images. Get ready to take a journey back in time to experience the 1920s in Detroit.

So, there you have it: a unique and fascinating collection of photos depicting the 1920s in Detroit. Do you have any fascinating passed-down stories about this time period to share? Did any of our photos especially pique your interest? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a Facebook comment or recommend your favorite historical attractions in Detroit by completing our official nomination form.

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