5 Reasons Detroit is The Most Underrated City in America

Detroit. It’s all too often portrayed as the epicenter for all that is wrong with our country. Decades of decline brought on by urban flight and the exodus of auto manufacturing in the city left much of it in ruin.

Yet, if you’re from the Motor City, there’s a stubborn optimism about you that won’t just sit back and watch the city crumble. It’s that persistent hope that’s helped Detroit overcome monumental obstacles and shine a spotlight on this Michigan city from that of despair to the turnaround capital of the country.

That’s why Pure Michigan, the tourism body of the state, has launched a new commercial as part of its popular advertising campaign. In it, we see the many reasons why the soul of Detroit has led to an exciting momentum in the three years since it became the biggest city in the nation to file for bankruptcy. The one-minute video was to air April 10 during a Tigers baseball game.

Alas, a sleet storm canceled the game, but we won’t let a little weather get in the way of showing the video to all of you. Here, we’ll give you a firsthand look at this symbolically significant Pure Michigan commercial. But first, here are five reasons why Detroit is the most underrated city in America.

And without further ado, your first look at Pure Michigan’s “Soul” commercial of Detroit…

Tell us: are you starting to look at the Motor City in a new light?

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