6 Disturbing Cemeteries In Michigan That Will Give You Goosebumps

Cemeteries, by their nature, instill fear in our hearts. While their grounds can be pristine and expertly-designed to be welcoming to their visitors, they still remind us that death is lurking. To make matters worse, some have haunting backstories to go with them. We found a few such places here in Michigan, with scary stories or legendary characters in history who made these sites their final resting places.

1) Reynolds Cemetery, Jackson

Every year on the night of Nov. 21, people gather at the Reynolds Cemetery in Jackson to try to catch a glimpse of the spirits of Jacob Crouch and his daughter Eunice, who were brutally murdered in their sleep in 1883. Also killed were Eunice’s husband Henry and a friend, Moses Polley. The mass murder went down in history as Jackson’s most infamous unsolved mystery.

We’ve shared with you some of the most mysterious and frightening cemeteries in the state. Which ones give you the creeps? Tell us in the comments below!