This Canopy Walk In Michigan Will Make Your Stomach Drop

You wouldn’t think it, but there’s a totally different way to experience nature in Michigan. It involves a walk in the canopy of a forest outside of Boyne City. It’s one of those breathtaking experiences, filled with beauty – and sweaty palms.

We’re talking about the Wildwood Rush Zip Line Canopy Tour, wherein you’re taken atop six towering platforms and asked to walk across five sky bridges that are elevated way above the forest floor. What you get in return is a totally truly unique view of the forest and wildlife that live up in the trees.

Have a look.

Not what you were expecting, was it? Tell us, have you ever experienced this? Share with us your experience on the canopy tour on our Facebook page, here.

The Wildwood Rush tours are at 02575 Boyne City Road in Boyne City. For more information, click here.


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