This Bizarre Natural Phenomenon In Michigan Will Blow Your Mind

Once you’ve passed the Paul Bunyan statue at Stagecoach Stop U.S.A. on U.S. 12, not far from the old Prehistoric Forest in Onsted, sits Mystery Hill right in the center of the Irish Hills.

This roadside attraction is a favorite among lovers of all that is strange and mysterious. Take a tour of the hill where you’ll be astounded by gravity defying phenomena such as water running uphill; standing tall, but also seemingly sideways; and sitting straight (and yet not straight at all) in your seat – an act that will be perplex and awe you and your fellow visitors. While theories abound as to how this the place could possibly defy gravity (could it be earthquakes, magnetized mineral deposits, or fallen meteorites?), nothing gets us more than witnessing the wonders of this place on video.

Have a look.

Pretty freaky, huh? As cool as it looks in the videos, definitely need to see this phenomenon in person to get the full effect.

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