Take This Amazing 2-Day Getaway In Michigan If You Need A Break From It All

When we are in search of a quick getaway, what we’re mostly after is a chance to recharge. Maybe it’s been a busy week at work or you’ve lost that certain focus you gain only when you’ve hit the road for a couple of days. Maybe you don’t even need a reason other than to unwind.

We’ve shared with you many kinds of excursions that can be had here in Michigan, from the adventurous to the relaxing, from trips in the many towns and cities, to remote destinations.

But where would you go if you were in need of getting those creative juices flowing again? Maybe a place where someone of legendary talent once ventured off to when in need of inspiration. Maybe that some place is the quaint, coastal community of Petoskey in Northern Michigan.

Here’s why.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to pack up your journals and get started on that writer’s retreat you’ve been daydreaming about? We know we are!