We Absolutely Love These 5 Waterfall Swimming Holes In Massachusetts

What could be better than cooling off beneath the sparkling spray of a local waterfall? We don’t think there’s much that can compete with how wonderful it feels. If you want to try it, too, then you need to check out these amazing waterfall swimming holes in Massachusetts that are fed by some of the state’s most spectacular cascades.

NOTE: We’ve included only waterfall swimming holes that have no known restrictions on swimming. There are plenty more Massachusetts waterfalls that feature pools, but where swimming may not be safe or legal. We love this easy list of ones that are a definite must-see!

The swimming at Umpachene Falls Park is among the best. The Umpachene River flows over a stepped series of smooth rocks and into the Konkapot River. The pool at the base of these cascades is wide and not too deep, but definitely deep enough for a good swim. There are tables and swings in the adjacent park, so be sure to bring provisions for an afternoon outside.

The official parking lot for Umpachene Falls Park is restricted to New Marlborough residents. However, there is additional parking just a few steps from the official lot, where you can park your car safely. As one of the best swimming holes in Massachusetts, this is not a spot that you’ll want to miss! It makes a great addition to our favorite <a href=”https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/massachusetts/waterfall-roadtrip-ma/” target=”_blank”>Massachusetts Waterfall Road Trip.</a>

This waterfall offers more of a wading experience than a true swimming hole, but the beauty of the cascades alone is worth the trip. The falls plunge in a series of 60-foot and 80-foot drops.

It will take you about 20 minutes to reach the falls, and the trail is mostly downhill. However, there are plenty of other, smaller cascades in the area that might merit a bit of exploration, so plan your time accordingly. But one of our favorite parts of this swimming hole is the wonderful experience that it takes to reach it!

Parking is available only steps away from a series of smaller cascades. If you’d like to take a dip, you’ll have to trek along the trail a bit. But it’s totally worth it. In fact, you should read all about how There’s A Secret Waterfall In Massachusetts Known As Tannery Falls, And It’s Worth Seeking Out.

The tallest drop at this waterfall is 10 feet, so it hits that sweet spot between roaring cascade and measly trickle. There are actually multiple waterfalls spread out over half a mile of gorgeous Appalachian Trail terrain. One of the best natural waterfall swimming holes in Massachusetts can be found at Sages Ravine. The water is deep, clear, and refreshing.

To reach the falls, you’ll need to hike about 1.7 miles. The trail is uphill and can get a bit steep at times, so bring sturdy shoes. Parking information can be found at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Northwest Cabin. In fact, it’s not just a great hike to a swimming hole in Massachusetts, it’s also The Breathtaking Ravine Everyone In Massachusetts Should Hike At Least Once.

This spot in the Chapel Brook Reservation features a series of waterfalls, with the total drop height being around 45 feet. The pool at the base of the cascades is usually pretty cool, and is best at the peak of summer. There are several smaller pools and rivulets further downstream, which tend to be a bit warmer, making it one of the most refreshing waterfall swimming holes in Massachusetts.

Pony Mountain is also nearby, which offers spectacular views of the valley beneath. For the more intrepid explorers, Chapel Ledge is a granite cliff with a sheer face that’s perfect for rock-climbing, and you can Take A Slide Down Chapel Brook Falls, A Unique Natural Waterfall Slide In Massachusetts.

The hike to these falls is also a breeze, coming in at just under 0.2 miles of mostly downhill terrain.

Close to the town of Adams, Pecks Falls is actually two waterfalls that are right between Gould Road and West Mountain Road. The water drops about 12 feet before cascading an additional 50 feet through a narrow break in the stone. The upper falls permit swimmers to splash around in the cool water.

To reach these falls, you’ll have to hike about five minutes to the lower falls, and another ten minutes to reach the upper falls. The hike is mostly uphill, but isn’t too strenuous. You can park in an area just off of Gould Road, about 0.3 miles up the road. This isn’t just a great swimming hole; it’s also one of the best hikes to swimming holes in Massachusetts.

Did we miss any fantastic waterfall swimming holes in Massachusetts? Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Waterfall Swimming Holes in Massachusetts

May 19, 2022

How many swimming holes are in Massachusetts?

There are dozens of swimming holes in Massachusetts, and those are just the ones that are regularly visited! There are tons of great places to take a dip all over the state.

Are there a lot of waterfalls in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has over 400 documented waterfalls that you can visit, meaning that there are incredible hikes all around the state that will bring you straight to a waterfall. And if you’re lucky, that means gorgeous swimming holes in Massachusetts for you to enjoy!