Everyone In Massachusetts Must Visit This Epic Waterfall As Soon As Possible

We’ve covered the best waterfalls in Massachusetts before, but it’s time to highlight one of the most spectacular cascades in the state.

Bash Bish Falls is located in Bash Bish Falls State Park, and it’s truly breathtaking. It’s one of the most stunning features of the Taconic Mountains of southwestern Massachusetts, and the tallest waterfall in the Commonwealth. Once you go, you’ll want to visit again and again.

Bash Bish Falls are over 200 feet tall, and the cascade actually splits into a striking “V” before tumbling an additional 80 feet into a shallow pool. The falls are fed by a spring in Mount Washington, and their waters actually continue on through the state of New York and eventually merge with the Hudson River.

Hiking to the falls is the perfect summertime activity, though the journey is equally lovely in the autumn months. The falls are accessed via a short, though rather steep, woodland trail that is an offshoot of the South Taconic Trail of the Mount Washington area. Bring sturdy shoes, but don’t expect to be hiking all day.

The falls do have the somewhat sinister reputation of being one of the most lethal tourist attractions in the country. Over 25 deaths have been reported at the falls during the past hundred years, and in 2010, AOL named the waterfall one of the most dangerous travel destination in the entire world. Swimming is absolutely not permitted at the falls, though most deaths have been caused by rock climbing or jumping from the high stones around the cascades.

Have you visited Bash Bish Falls? Do you think it’s the best waterfall in Massachusetts? Let us know!

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