Most People Have No Idea This Unique Tunnel In Massachusetts Exists

This abandoned train tunnel in Clinton is the perfect spot for a bit of spooky adventuring. Hidden in the forest bordering the Wachusett Dam, this old railroad tunnel has been totally abandoned by the state. While the tunnel itself is only about a quarter-mile long, the soaring ceiling and utter darkness makes it feel quite a bit longer. Inside, the walls are made of huge stone blocks and the plink of dripping water can be heard.

The tunnel was built during the construction of the Wachusett Dam. Local stories attest that over 4,000 bodies from nearby cemeteries had to be relocated to make room for the tunnel and the dam. When the Central Massachusetts Railroad began to wane in the early 1900s, this tunnel was shuttered for good.

Another unexpected reason to check out this spot? The temperature inside is many degrees cooler than the temperature outside. Nothing like an abandoned train tunnel on a hot summer day.

No upkeep is performed at the tunnel site, so tread at your own risk. From the research we can dig up, however, it seems that there aren’t any glaring safety hazards in the tunnel and that locals even bring their kids along for exploration.

Finding this tunnel is actually pretty straightforward. You can still see the remnants of a trestle by the side of the road as you approach the location, across from the Clinton Dam. Side note: you should definitely explore the area around the dam as well. There are many pretty walking paths and trails.

Check out this video of a family exploring the tunnel! Have you ever visited this spot?