Visit The Witch House, One Of The Last Remaining Structures Associated With The Witch Trials In Massachusetts

The Salem Witch Trials was one of American history’s great infamies. In 1692, several young girls began having fits and screaming outbursts and were thought to have become possessed by the devil. They pointed the finger of blame at some of the women in town. It was believed that these women practiced witchcraft, the Devil’s magic, and had caused the girls to become bewitched. And so, the biggest witch hunt in our history began.

Mass hysteria started to infiltrate the lives of those living in the colony of Massachusetts and between February 1692 and May 1683, 20 people were executed for witchcraft while five others died in jail. Among the judges of the trial was Judge Jonathan Corwin who had purchased a house in town. His house, now known as “The Witch House,” is the only remaining structure associated with the witch trials that can be visited today.

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