What Has Invaded The Shores Of Massachusetts Is Simply Amazing

You’ll never believe what’s invaded the quiet shores of Massachusetts. On an ordinary day, Cape Cod’s Monomy Island looks like this….

But watch what happened on Tuesday, as it filled up with hundreds and hundreds of special guests.

18 Trillion Seals (rough estimate) this afternoon along Monomoy, south of Chatham MA. Miles and miles of continuous blubber. It's getting out of control. Time to let the local teens go out clubbing on the weekends again, old school! 😉

(PS – sarcasm throughout… Relax!)

Posted by Aaron Knight on Sunday, April 10, 2016

Experts have said that the influx of seals is due to the Marine Mammals Protection Act of 1972 which made it illegal to hunt the animals without proper licenture. “You’re seeing a recolonization, essentially a resurgence of seals,” a marine biologist told CBS News. “Many of them have come down from Canadian waters and started to pup here.”

Many thanks to Aaron Knight, a pilot who happened to catch this incredible sight and then shared it on his Facebook page.

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