Most people know about such famous murderers as The Boston Strangler and Whitey Bulger, but there’s actually one Massachusetts serial killer whose crimes are even more stomach-turning.

Between 1979 and 1980, Carl H. Drew of Fall River was involved in the murder of three women in what was styled as Satanic human sacrifices. The grisly details of the crimes seem like something out of a Hollywood script.

In a shocking turn of events, 17-year-old Robin Murphy then came forward. She claimed to have been present at the ritual murder of Doreen Levesque and was willing to testify against Maltias in exchange for immunity in both murder cases. She testified that Maltias had raped and killed Barbara out of jealousy and left her to “crawl away” into the woods before driving off with Murphy.

Two months later, the case took on an even darker twist. The remains of a human skull had been unearthed near Devol Pond. Forensics determined it belonged to Karen Marsden. Another local sex worker who claimed to be involved in Carl Drew’s Satanic cult, Carol Fletcher, stepped forward to point the finger at Drew and Murphy. In questioning, Murphy broke down and told the police a horrifying story.

According to her, the cult killed every thirty days or so on the full moon. She claimed that the group spoke in tongues, conjured demons and offered human sacrifices to Satan. They used torture to “force the victim to a maximum state of emotional arousal,” which they believed resulted in an especially potent sacrifice. Murphy admitted to participating in the murder of Karen Marsden. She said that the victim’s hair and fingernails were ripped out and her head was chopped off before being kicked around like a football.

Murphy pleaded guilty to her role in Marsden’s murder and accepted a life sentence in exchange for testifying against Carl Drew. Drew was tried for the murder of Donna Levesque and Karen Marsden in March of 1981. He was convicted to life imprisonment.

Watch the short documentary below for more information on this ghastly Massachusetts crime. For more about the supposedly cursed Freetown Fall River State Forest, click here.


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