Visit These Fascinating Ruins In Massachusetts For An Adventure Into The Past

Did you know that along with Massachusetts’ rich history, there are also a lot of ruins in the state that are worth a visit? This includes the remaining ruins that sit in Greycourt State Park in Methuen, a small city that’s about a 30-minute drive north of Boston.

Greycourt State Park is a designated recreation area that’s perfect for a family outing and exploring the history on the grounds. The ruins are from the prominent Charles H. Tenney family estate. Although the family mansion was destroyed by a fire in 1978, the ruins set the stage for imagining what the Tenney family home was like in the late 1800s.

To start your adventure at Greycourt State Park, take I-93, either north or south, to 37 Pleasant Street in Methuen, Massachusetts.


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Address: Greycourt State Park, 37 Pleasant St, Methuen, MA 01844, USA