Here Are 11 Odd Habits You Might Have If You Call Massachusetts Home

Everyone who calls Massachusetts home will argue with you to the end of time that we’re the best state. Not only that, but the way we do things is completely normal. However, if you stray from the Bay State, you might realize that not everyone acts quite like a Bay Stater. From food habits to weather reactions, and even the way we speak, people that aren’t from Massachusetts might think we’re a bit odd. If you have these 11 odd habits, it’s safe to say that you’re at home in Massachusetts.

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People who call Massachusetts home might have some “odd” habits, but we think it makes us all the more lovable. Do you have some odd habits from living in Massachusetts? We’d love to hear about your thoughts in the comments!

Are you still unsure if you’re a true Bay Stater? Well, if you don’t eat Massachusetts’ most famous dish, you better fix that!

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