If There’s One Fall Festival You Attend In Massachusetts, Make It The What The Fluff? Festival

Peanut butter and jelly go hand-in-hand, but so do peanut butter and marshmallow fluff! If you grew up with peanut butter and fluff (a.k.a. fluffernutter) sandwiches in your lunch box, then you may want to attend what may very well be the best fall festival in Massachusetts. The What the Fluff? Festival celebrates one of the most extraordinary inventions of all time…Marshmallow Fluff!

Will you attend the sweetest, fluffiest, and best fall festival in Massachusetts this year? Did you grow up eating peanut butter and fluff sandwiches? Let us know in the comments! To learn more about the What the Fluff? Festival, visit the official website as well as Facebook.

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Address: Main Street, Main St, Douglas, MA 01516, USA