The 11 Most Insane Things That Happened In Massachusetts In 2015

As the year comes to a close, it’s nice to take a moment and reflect on how utterly ridiculous the previous 12 months turned out to be. This year in particular was packed with shocking and bizarre Massachusetts events. What do snow monsters, kitchen utensils, cats, and Canadians all have in common? They are all featured in some truly insane occurrences this year. Read on.

11. And finally, two Massachusetts men film this hilarious viral video (Caution: Strong Language).

Two guys on a boat find something bizarre in the water beside them. Is it a sea monster? A baby whale? An alien? This video became so popular that the men were featured on Jimmy Kimmel. Prepare yourself for THE STRONGEST Boston accent ever caught in the wild. Seriously, I almost cried laughing.

This was a banner year for Massachusetts in terms of bizarre happenings. Let’s hope 2016 will bring enough wackiness to keep us on our toes. What do you think was the most insane thing to happen in Massachusetts this year?