This Hilarious Song About Massachusetts Will Crack Anyone Up

This video is the wacky lovechild of those old “Spirit of America” ads for Massachusetts, and 2013’s most surprising hit song, “What Does The Fox Say?”

“Massachusetts” was written by Norwegian duo Ylvis. They’re sort of a big deal back in Norway, and definitely have a quirky style that is either your thing, or isn’t.

For reasons that remain mysterious, the pair decided that Massachusetts was ripe for a musical tribute and delivered unto us this hilarious and bizarre Bay State anthem.

Now, this song is weird. You gotta know that going in. It sort of spirals into ever-weirder weirdness, so bring your best grown-up sense of humor. Be prepared for adult language.

If you like Massachusetts, singing, and Norwegian men singing about Massachusetts, you should definitely press play.

You have to admit: that chorus is so catchy that the CDC should probably step in. What do you think?