Not Many People Know About This Secret Store With A Hidden Entrance In Massachusetts

Sometimes the best things in life are worth a little searching. That’s definitely the premise behind this hidden shop in Boston. It would be easy to walk by this place without noticing anything odd. In fact, most people do. The unassuming storefront looks like a simple – shabby, even – New York-style bodega. There isn’t even a sign.


Yelp/Eric S.

Inside, the shelves are precariously loaded with bags of chips, laundry detergent, microwave soups and baskets of weary-looking fruits. Nothing seems at all out of the ordinary until you approach the Snapple vending machine in the back of the shop. Then, things get seriously weird.

If you know the special steps to take, the machine will act as a secret door, sliding away to reveal…one of the coolest sneaker shops you’ll ever set foot in.


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Flickr/Ryan Dickey

In shocking contrast to the dingy chaos of the convenience store, this store features rows of luxury sneakers, urban apparel and street savvy accessories arranged on shelves in a gleaming, pristine showroom.


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Bodega is the brainchild of Oliver Mak, Jay Gordon and Dan Natola. The store’s founders state that they wanted to create a physical manifestation of the search for amazing products. While purposeful misdirection is rarely part of most marketing schemes, the wonder of discovery and thrill of the hunt is definitely a huge part of Bodega’s appeal.

While we don’t want to spoil the surprise for those planning a visit to this urban treasure, the secret to accessing the hidden shop is made a little clearer by the video below. You’ll also get a quick glimpse into the remarkably detailed faux-front of the business.

So what do you think? Are you turned off by the idea of a business making it this difficult to access its products? Or are you totally on board with the zany, hidden-door aspect of Bodega?

Bodega is located at 6 Clearway St, Boston, MA 02115.

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