Massachusetts is full of winding streets and beautiful country roads. It’s pretty much the perfect state for a road trip in any season, especially if you opt to take this under-appreciated scenic drive. Here’s all you need to know about traveling the Central Hills Loop.

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Central Hills Loop

What is the most scenic road in Massachusetts? 

Massachusetts offers a variety of scenic roads that traverse coastal landscapes, historical landmarks, and quaint New England towns. However, if one were to pick the "most scenic," the Mohawk Trail would often come up in the conversation. Also known as Route 2, the Mohawk Trail was one of America's first auto-touring roads. It stretches approximately 63 miles from Athol to Williamstown and is a scenic byway that offers stunning views, especially during fall foliage.

The trail takes you through the Berkshire Mountains, offering breathtaking vistas, including the famous "Hairpin Turn" near North Adams, which provides expansive views of the Hoosac Valley and the Green Mountains of Vermont. Along the route, you'll find a variety of attractions, from state forests and parks to charming small towns rich in history and culture. The Mohawk Trail is a testament to Massachusetts's natural beauty and historical significance, making it a top contender for the most scenic road in the state.

What are the best scenic byways in Massachusetts? 

Massachusetts offers a variety of scenic byways that allow travelers to explore its rich history, diverse landscapes, and charming communities. Here are some of the best scenic byways in the state:

  • Mohawk Trail (Route 2): Often considered the most scenic road in Massachusetts, this byway takes you through the Berkshire Mountains, providing stunning vistas, especially during the fall foliage. Attractions along the way include the Bridge of Flowers, several state forests, and the iconic Hairpin Turn near North Adams.
  • Jacob's Ladder Trail Scenic Byway (Route 20): This byway is located in the southwestern part of the state and offers a mix of natural beauty and historical landmarks, including the Keystone Arch Bridges.
  • Essex Coastal Scenic Byway: This 85-mile route stretches from Lynn to Salisbury along the coast and passes through 14 coastal towns. You'll encounter beautiful beaches, historic seaports, and vibrant communities along the way.
  • Battle Road Scenic Byway: This is of great historical significance as it covers areas integral to the early stages of the American Revolution. It takes you through Lexington, Lincoln, and Concord, allowing you to see historic sites like Minute Man National Historical Park.
  • Old King's Highway (Route 6A): Located on Cape Cod, this scenic route stretches from Sandwich to Orleans and is dotted with historic landmarks, charming villages, and lovely beaches.
  • Connecticut River Byway: This route runs along the western border of Massachusetts and offers beautiful views of the Connecticut River, quaint towns, and fertile farmland.

Each byway has its own unique attractions, whether it's historical landmarks, natural beauty, or charming New England communities.