This beach is the definition of a local hidden gem.

Tucked away in Wellfleet, Bound Brook Island beach is one of the most spectacular, secluded spots on Cape Cod. Far from the crowds of the popular shoreside locales, tourists have no clue that this place exists. Many locals haven’t heard of it either, which makes it the perfect spot to escape for a bit of summer relaxation.

YouTube user “Christopher Setterlund” has put together a great video detailing the beauty of Bound Brook Island Beach. The video does a great job of laying out exactly what you need to do in order to find this secluded spot.

To reach the shore, drive about a mile down Bound Brook Island Road in Wellfleet. The road is narrow and a bit bumpy. If you’re traveling light and don’t mind a bit of a workout, feel free to hike the path instead. It should only take you about 25 minutes or so, depending on how much stuff you’re lugging down to the water.

When you finally see the water, you might be a bit speechless. Shimmering beach grass carpets the rolling sand dunes in all directions, and the view from the end of the path is truly stunning. If you’re looking to take a few dramatic shots, this is definitely the place. Please don’t climb or hike on the dunes, however – erosion is a huge threat to Cape Cod beaches and walking on sand dunes does a lot of damage.

Once you’re on the sand, you probably won’t have much company. You might run into a few locals soaking up the sunshine, but the endless hordes of tourists will be nowhere in sight. Enjoy the sand and surf, and please be respectful of this gorgeous spot by leaving no trace.

Check out the video below for a guide to reaching this sheltered beach, and have fun! For more hidden beaches across Massachusetts, check out our list of the 11 best secret beaches in the state.

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