This cursed ship takes the traditional haunted house experience to new heights.

Housed within the historic USS Salem battleship, Ghost Ship Harbor is a massive, 60,000-square-foot attraction that capitalizes on the spooky reputation of one of Massachusetts’ most haunted ships.

Read on to learn how you can test your bravery inside this spooky ship this Halloween season.

The USS Salem is scary in her own right. The ship is nicknamed “the Sea Witch,” and has a long history of service…and hauntings. In 1953, the vessel was sent to aid victims of a massive earthquake in Greece. Survivors were packed on board, where many died and were placed in the ship’s morgue. When the morgue began to overflow, bodies were stacked on top of each other in large rooms in the belly of the ship.

The ship has appeared on Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters,” and reports of supernatural occurrences have been rolling in for years. Now, this haunted attraction seeks to turn those rumors into actual screams of terror.

The ship offers three different haunted experiences. In each, you’ll be guided through the ship and encounter horrifying scenes of mayhem and gore.

“Contagion” puts you in the shoes of someone fleeing Boston after a disease outbreak, and subjects you to a terrifying decontamination process. “Plague” takes it one step further, and throws you into chaos once the virus has been discovered on the ship. Finally, “Ouija” transports VIP guests down to the lowest levels of the ship to hunt for paranormal activity.

Throughout the experiences, people in Hazmat suits try desperately to contain the outbreak, while the infected roam the corridors as zombies.

The haunted ship employs more than 150 people in its quest to frighten guests. The attraction definitely isn’t recommended for kids under 12.

Tickets start at $30 per person, and experiences usually last between 30 and 40 minutes. The attraction is open through Halloween on select nights. Check out their website for exact schedules and pricing.

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