You May Not Like These Predictions About Massachusetts Brutally Snowy Upcoming Winter

Dust off those snow shovels and start warming up your car now because this winter is shaping up to be a brutal one. The 2017/2018 Farmers’ Almanac predictions are in, and they’re forecasting an especially cold and snowy winter for Massachusetts. Read on to learn how exactly this new batch of predictions all impact the Bay State.

While skiers and snowboarders may be rejoicing, the rest of us might be a bit less thrilled with these predictions. However, if there’s one thing we here in Massachusetts know how to handle it’s a brutal winter. All the more reason to break out the warm sweaters and grab a refill of hot cocoa.

Are you excited for this predictions or are you dreading wintertime woes? If you’re looking for some fun snowy activities in Massachusetts to pass the time, click here.