What This Drone Footage Caught In Massachusetts Will Drop Your Jaw

Joining the likes of Roomba vacuums and curved televisions, drones are proof that the future is now. Gone are the days of jittery aerial footage shot from a madly listing helicopter. Forgotten is the misery of wishing your kite could fly you at the beach. Drones have arrived to give us gorgeous panoramic views of our cities, towns, natural landscapes, and whatever our neighbors are doing in their backyards.

This incredible video of Massachusetts seascapes is shot in Ultra-HD 4K, so it’s basically clearer than real life. You’ll be drawn into scenes from the Cape Cod Kite Festival (the drone flies amidst the beautiful and colorful kites), banana boat riders cruising the waves, surfers on Nantucket riding the tail of Hurricane Arthur, a mesmerizing aerial time-lapse of the Chappaquiddick Island ferries, and just plain gorgeous views from a bunch of Massachusetts towns.

So just sit back, tell your house-drone to grab you a drink, and enjoy this truly stunning trip over one of the nation’s most beautiful states.

This incredible video was filmed and produced by Damon Cooper. The film’s artistic director is Jennifer Hutchins. The sweeping score is “Further Up Further” by Tony Anderson. You can check out more of Damon Cooper’s beautiful work by heading over to his YouTube channel.

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