Most People Have No Idea This Unique Tunnel In Boston Exists

Just north of Boston lies a unique tunnel with ties to pirates, lost treasure, earthquakes, and Spiritualism. Dungeon Rock is inside the 2200 acres of Lynn Woods, a peaceful pocket of forested wilderness.

Like many good tales, this one begins with pirates. It was 1658 when a pirate ship sailed into Lynn Harbor. We know that its crew was in possession of treasure, because they bought tools from locals with piles of silver.

The pirates established a camp on the Saugus River, but locals weren’t the only ones aware of their presence. British soldiers heard rumors that pirates were in the area and hunted them down. Three of the four pirates were caught and hung, but the fourth man escaped…

Here is a map of Lynn Woods. As you can see, the Pennybrook Road entrance is closest to Dungeon Rock.

Have you explored this one-of-a-kind tunnel yet?

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